Post #7: What’s In Your (Character’s) Wallet?

Up front, I will admit that I am not good at farming for gold, or playing the markets for gold.

I have been perennially broke the entirety of my WoW life, and have seen fit to survive by this creed for most of it. This is not because of some ideal or lofty goal, or because I want to prove a point…it’s because I am exceedingly, almost cripplingly lazy.

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Post #3: In Which Winter Blues Happen

So, today is yet another day in Southern New York State; for you out of towners playing the home game, my relative location in relation to New York City is about an hour north. This puts me in territory cityfolk refer to as “Upstate New York,” while people who live in Buffalo and Saratoga near the Great Lakes and Canada just scoff at all of us like the plebs we are…but I digress. At this time of year, it, being a northern state in the United States of America, during the months of December, January, February and March, tends to get a lot of the white stuff, and by that I mean snow (not that other stuff you were thinkin’ about…I saw that look on your face).

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