Post #11: Warriors of Draenor; or What I Think in 6.1

Today’s post is gonna be about…what? Wait, it’s NOT the 11th? Dang. Oh well, gonna write it anyway. Deal with it! I’ll be talking primarily about what I like about the Warrior class, specifically related to their tanking toolkit. But first, a brief on why I’m even in this predicament to begin with…

Way back in the days of yonder ancient times, (by which I mean 2008, which is the middle of Wrath), I suddenly had aspirations to tank bosses. Don’t ask me why or how, but I suddenly decided “I’m tired of stabbing things in the butt, I wanna get HIT by things hard enough to give me severe concussions!” So, instead of levelling an alt, I did the thing that everyone in my guild really wanted me to (sarcasm), which was figure out a way to tank select bosses as a rogue.

For those of you unaware, this was actually possible for a few bosses, specifically Gruul, and Mother Sharaz in BT. Of course, my GM wanted nothing to do with this, because he’s sensible and not at all brain-dead like I am. So Wrath was happening, and of course Death Knights were the new cheese, but I was levelling a Paladin, because I found Death Knights boring to play and even more boring to stomach the thought of playing for a long stretch of time…Paladins at least reminded me of the Space Marines in Warhammer 40k to a degree (what with their posturing, and religiosity and “faith” and whatnot). So I levelled one, and levelled one, and she got to level 20 but…levelling a Paladin, especially as Protection back then was a lot of “Judgment! Wait…Judgment! Wait…” repeatedly infinitely. Eventually you got Consecration, so that was something I suppose.

Anyway, one night, I met some people from the Tanking Forums for the first time and we all rolled alts on Farstriders, Horde-side. And next thing I knew, I was levelling an Undead Warrior…and then I used Charge for the first time. And just like that…I fell in love.

And I haven’t looked back since.


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