Post #7: What’s In Your (Character’s) Wallet?

Up front, I will admit that I am not good at farming for gold, or playing the markets for gold.

I have been perennially broke the entirety of my WoW life, and have seen fit to survive by this creed for most of it. This is not because of some ideal or lofty goal, or because I want to prove a point…it’s because I am exceedingly, almost cripplingly lazy.

Farming each time has been memorable, in the sense that over the years I have done so little of it for money that I can remember most of it still. Like when I was farming for Elementium Ore in Twilight Highlands back in Cataclysm when I was still on Archimonde, I remember getting into a protracted, drawn out fight with some blood elf Death Knight…while I was Protection-specced (I remember it mainly because I’ve never been big into PvP, or calling opponents out on their errors…but holy damn, he just couldn’t seem to grasp that Anti-Magic Shell does NOTHING against a class that deals all physical-based damage).

I remember how my rogue managed to stay afloat financially back in Wrath, which was mainly through frugal spending and sales of bullets and arrows made with the Icecrown patterns, which while they were widely available, on a server like Rivendare it was pretty easy to corner the market…if you could even call it that. And even then, my profit margins were microscopically thin.

I remember farther back still, my first 25man raid ever, going to Tempest Keep with my (then new) guild, and dying so much on trash that my equipment broke, and I was too broke to even fix it. Yes, I was that guy. Everybody’s raided with that guy once in their lives, and i was him that one night…and vowed never to be that guy again.

This expansion, however, I’m actually doing decently okay, financially-speaking. I actually HAVE gold, and I’m on track to earn more!

I’m definitely no Elvine, but I have enough to be happy I suppose…And now with WoW Tokens, I can imagine there’s going to be a lot of gold in circulation again, so I’ll be right back to being broke like usual 😛

Tomorrow; I talk about Warriors! For once! Maybe!


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