Post #6: So There I Was… (Part 2)

…In the Silithus Desert.

I’m sorry, I’m awful, I’m so sorry for that (Hint: I’m not sorry).

So, I almost missed my deadline (and by that I mean I’m nearly an hour late, but who’s counting), but I decided it was better to not miss one and be late than miss a post and be forever off by one.

So, anyway, briefly wanna touch on last night’s post; things are better, mental state’s better, everything’s better, a bit. Also, I’m out of bourbon, but that’s not important.

Anyway, Part 2. Story continued.

I get a text message on the plane back from Savannah, GA (or rather, on the tarmac before I have to switch off my phone), from my friend Isaac “We’re all finding our copies of Brood War, do you have one?”

I search my head, but the answer I know comes very quickly; I don’t, and never have, actually owned a copy of Starcraft or Brood War, and as such, I would have to purchase it. Which, while it wouldn’t be hard to source one (this is of course, right when Blizzard was selling the Battle Chest), I didn’t really have a lot of money to be swinging around for stuff like this. Luckily, I got my old job at a game store back (whose name won’t be revealed here, but chances are all of you can guess where it is), so I had decent odds of being able to not break the bank on this.

So there I was…July, 2007.

We all basically purchased Battle Chest editions or borrowed CD keys from siblings, and spent most of the summer playing Brood War, “getting ready” for the inevitable release of Wings of Liberty. I also realize that with age, I have not gotten better at the game, and as such, I have to “train” extra hard to even be able to attempt to keep up with my friends.

One friend, who had been back from his time at the Military Academy, was particularly good at the game, and after one particular play session wherein I got crushed by Carriers, he mentions offhandedly that I should check out the strategy guides included in the box, and while the two of us sat outside pouring over them smoking, sure enough, I see…

A free introductory month for World of Warcraft.

“Dude, you ever play?” he asks me.

I shake my head “Nah, I haven’t ever played. Never really wanted to, but I’ve been kinda curious as of late…”

He grins. “I play. Roll a character on my server, I’ll help you out!”

First of all, let it be known that if a dude’s gonna be in the military ladies and gentlemen, this won’t happen (And I don’t blame him, lol). So one night, it’s past midnight, and I’m bored…so I get to thinking…and thinking…and then…next thing I know I’m staring at the launcher, and waiting on the game to download.

My stipulations for character were simple: Smolderthorn for the server, and Horde for the faction. After that, I was free to do whatever I wanted, or make any type of character I wanted. With regards to my past, I was a decently avid Dungeons and Dragons player, and most of my characters were rogues, so the answer was obvious. And then I looked at Undead ones…and then Male Undead…and then I rolled a female Undead Rogue. Except, there was one last stumbling block…I needed a name.

Thank goodness for random name generators! And so, after a few moments…Amaine, the Undead Rogue was born.

And the rest, as they say, is history…


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