Post #2: The Post In Which I Talk Transmog

So, let’s just cut right to the chase then…

My name is Lowmaine, and I’m a transmog addict.

Back when I started playing (circa 2007 during Burning Crusade), if one wanted to raid in “style” per se, then your style had to be reflective of your chosen class’ tier set design. If you were a Warrior who hated Onslaught, or a Rogue who hated Deathmantle, then you were going to have a bad time, at least with regards to your character’s silhouette, and general looks and appeal.

For all I’m aware, this might be one of the reasons I eventually stopped playing a Rogue; even though in Wrath, the leather sets looked awesome, in Cataclysm…hoo boy. Don’t even get me started. That might be one of the reasons I decided I wanted to level, play, and eventually main a Warrior. Well that and, who doesn’t love the thought of going toe-to-toe against some big assed dragon, with the only thing separating you from certain death being a large-ish piece of metal strapped to your wrist? I can’t be the only one…

Which, in a roundabout way, means that when Blizzard made transmog, they were thinking of people like me…or rather, enabling our hoarder behaviors. Whichever one sounds less nefarious to you.

Because of that decision, I now have the unfortunate side-problem where I have nearly zero bank space, as seen here:


(The only reason there’s even any here is because I removed my old Challenge Mode set after Mists ended…by which I mean in order to drop some items from my old Mists collection in there…you know what? Don’t worry about it).

Also, I have 45 Shields at last head count, which isn’t quite as many as some famous individuals, but it’s definitely getting…up there. And that’s with me not buying a lot of random ones I see on the AH, or farming up ones I logically should be able to farm! I’m controlling myself, I swear!



At this stage in the game, I’ve also not only used up my entire void storage tab, but over half of my SECOND tab! My GM and co-tank has told me repeatedly when I mention I’m rolling on something for mogging, or “Oh wow that looks really cool!” that I have a “problem” and I need to “see someone for help immediately.” And then there’s talk of stretchers, padded rooms, and jackets with badly tangled sleeves, so let’s not go there…

Today I removed the Trading Post so I could build myself an Inn on my main’s Garrison, and felt bad because I hadn’t even tried to get Sha’tari Defense rep for the SICK MAWGGIN’ SET that I realistically won’t farm out because…well, have you SEEN how much farming that takes?

I have the quest for the Unyielding Sickle in my log still. Have I entered AQ40 at any point in the last two years? Not really. Do I have a desire to? Haha, nope. Do I still want that axe? You betcha. It goes with SOMETHING. I KNOW IT. T_T

At the suggestion of one of my raiders, I’m gonna do a topic or two on other people’s transmog’s in my raid group, because…well, reasons. That and there are people who go harder than I do in my own raiding group, so this should be fun. Maybe get a handle on how interviews work? Who knows.

Alright, seeya tomorrow!


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