So here’s the thing about blogging…

…you have to remember to do it all the time, otherwise you just lose steam and there’s not much you can do to get back to form. Lots of things in life are like this: riding a bike, artwork, dating…all of them require that you take that first step back into the freezing cold pool and you get your ass to work learning to swim again, or you’re never gonna get back in shape for the next summer. What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, blogging, right.

So, let’s start this from the beginning then; here you’ve seen columns about Warriors, and that won’t be changing. I’ve recently accepted the WoWBlog30 Challenge, wherein I’ve agreed to the Satan-esque contract (complete with signing in blood and giving up rights to my firstborn) of blogging once per day for the entire month of March.

I’m doing this for a few reasons, most of which are selfish:

Firstly, I want to be creative again. Writing has always been creative to me, as drawing and designing has. But artwork, drawing, doodling, designing, hasn’t come easily to me in six months. Maybe this is a sign that I’m not the artist/designer I wanted to be, maybe it just means I have to kick my own butt harder to get back into gear. But I’m starting with something familiar, and something I used to do every single day, and something that frankly is easier than sleeping is, to a degree (wait until that remark bites me in the ass, and it will).

Secondly, I want this site to move again. It’s been derelict since August, partially because we’ve all been busy, and partially because I’ve been depressed as all hell post-Blizzcon, and Warriors have to a large degree felt the sting of being overlooked for mechanical updates that actually make sense.*

And finally, maybe this will give my off-time from work, which has been spent raiding, sleeping, and wallowing, some real meaning. Who knows?

But yeah, so that’s what you’re in for. I hope you’ll stick around, even if for a few posts. It’s gonna be a bumpy-assed ride, but hopefully it’ll smooth out early on and we’ll be cruising to Day 30 before you can say “Your writing sucks and also please die.”

Seeya tomorrow, for hopefully my first (really!) WoW-related topic of the month!


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