State of Arms Beta Build 18764 (Short Version)

State of Arms Week 8/25/14 (Short Version) Build 18674

This is the short version of the concerns I, and many others, have of Arms currently on the Warlords of Draenor Beta. I’ll go over skills, talents, and stats.

Rend: A boring button tied to nothing. Typically damage over time effects in World of Warcraft are tied to mechanics such as Shadowy Apparitions, Lava Surge, and previously for Arms Taste for Blood. Rend should be tied to an ability in order for it to have an interesting purpose outside of just dealing damage.

Whirlwind: This has been voiced several times that whirlwind is an ability typically associated with Fury Warriors. With Arms having a shallow base set of abilities, Whirlwind can cause problems in PVE and PVP due to it’s AoE Nature. Arms needs a single target replacement for Whirlwind so that when scenarios like this occur, we’re not stuck waiting.

Colossus Smash: This ability currently awkward and weird for this spec. With no reset or ability to reduce the cooldown of the ability, saving for rage to use within a colossus smash window results in risks of capping of rage. In addition it shares too much of an identity with Fury Warriors whose sole goal is to save rage and deal damage within a Colossus Smash Window.

Mastery: Doesn’t scale with our AoE. Sweeping Strikes and Whirlwind gain no benefit from Mastery.

Slam + Sudden Death (Level 45 Talent): With the most recent damage pass, both of these abilities are not worth using over Whirlwind. Execute and Slam both must be re-adjusted for these talents to be considered.

Ravager: I’ve stated this a few times, but the defensive component cannot exist for warriors as a whole. Otherwise this ability will always be picked up due to it’s bonus.

The last part I would like to comment on is something that showed up in the latest build without any explanation.

Opportunity Strike: Deals 100% main hand weapon of weapon damage) Physical damage. 10 yd range. Instant.

This ability was added last build but had no explanation behind it.


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