Curoar’s Warlords of Draenor Wishlist

Warlords of Draenor Wishlist

Clutch came to me (Curoar) the other day asking what we should talk about on the blog, besides just changes that were occurring in the WoD Alpha patch notes. I pondered on it as I browsed the auction house. I said to him, “Perhaps a wishlist of things we’d like to see in Warlords of Draenor?”

So I’ve decided to start a wishlist of three things that I would love to see in Warlord of Draenor.

Keep in mind this wish list is a general one for the game, and may not pertain to warriors exclusively.

1.) New Animations for Warriors.

Now this doesn’t go for just warriors, I’d love to see new animations for Rogues, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druids and Guardian Druids as well. These classes/specs have fallen to the wayside when it comes to actual animations. I think the only thing we’ve seen really added to Warriors was Avatar (not really that much of a stretch from the Dwarf Stoneskin racial) as well as the Slam/Colossus Smash animation that was added back in Wrath of the Lich King.

When I play my Windwalker monk, his attacks are elegant and distinctive. I can look at a Windwalker Monk and go, “Oh that monk used Tiger Palm/Rising Sun Kick/Jab/Spinning Crane Kick/Fist of Fury”. Now occasionally I can do this with a Warrior (Oh there’s Bladestorm/Whirlwind/Avatar) but beyond a few abilities, which aren’t terribly flashy to begin with, it just looks like the Warrior is attacking.

I would love to see a new animation for Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst. I want my opponent to know when I’ve put Colossus Smash up in PVP so that they panic. I want actual animations that help identify the class’ abilities.

2.) Professions to have a personal feeling again

Back in TBC (when I first got into raiding) professions had a more personal feel. Part of that feeling was that the gear you could craft from professions actually rivaled the gear you got in raids. That still exist today, but not the extent it did in TBC.

See, as a blacksmith, I started out with a weapon that was a bit lower than heroic dungeon weapons, with the Lionheart Blade. As I continued to delve deeper into raids and obtaining materials I upgraded my weapon from one form to the next, until it reached the Lionheart Executioner, a weapon I used until I killed Archimonde and my Cataclysm’s Edge dropped. The weapon was something that grew with power, as I did.

Blacksmithing wasn’t the only profession to do this. Tailor’s had armor sets that followed similar in suit. It made your character feel like, well awesome. You were someone that could create a weapon or piece of armor so wondrous that only you could use it.

The downside to the TBC approach was that these professions became mandatory for certain specs and classes. Every Shadow Priest was tailor, and every Enhancement Shaman worth their salt was a blacksmith. Mandatory professions seem to be a thing that Blizzard is moving away from with the removal of combat benefits for professions.

3.) Difficult, but optional, solo content.

Mist of Pandaria showed us that solo content can be fun and challenging. From the Brawler’s Guild to the Warlock green fire quest line, Mist of Pandaria offered several solo experiences that were challenging and exciting.

So far the only thing we’ve seen for similar things in Warlords is Proving Grounds (which still isn’t getting the best reception). I’d love to see for a lot more types of things, perhaps even a warrior questline…

Moving forward these are the top three things I would love to see change in Warlords, or at least in the near future.


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